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    1) Leonard Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper by Vlad Rodriguez on Tumblr

    2) Emmet Brown by Mike Mitchell on Tumblr 

    3) Steve Jobs by Steve Rude

    4) Walter White by Sam Spratt on Tumblr

    5) The Algorithm by Alice X. Zhang on Tumblr  

    6) Unstable Peter Bishop by syllirium on Tumblr

    7) Lex Luthor by Lee Bermejo

    8) Tony Stark by Gerald Parel on Tumblr

    9) Doctor Octopus by Kaare Andrews 

    10) Doctor Doom by Glenn Fabry


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  2. Fountain in Italy Rome, right next to the Pantheon
  3. Meet my new hero :D

  4. flying-blades:

real nigga
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  6. makesomethingsuper:

The glorious olympics is one of my favorite moments I look forward to. Out of the sheer excitement of it all, I made a illustration commemorating my love for it all.Lady Scholar,Heather-Lynn
  7. photojojo:

    Jim Sanborn took these large format images using light projections. The projector is powered by a portable generator hidden 1 kilometer away. 

    Long Exposure Light Shapes by Jim Sanborn

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    Awesome photos of projections

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  8. A wonderful story that reminds us that great animation starts with great message.

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